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Current Offerings All Specialty Green Coffee 

Our Specialty Green Coffee Farmer Program - provides you all the best origin coffee that you need to roast a delicious & unique cup exactly for your great coffee customers!

Sulaweisi Island  - Toraja Red Typica 
Availabile: 36bags - new crop        
We work with exporters that buy coffee directly from small farmers and in weekly village markets.  Given the exceptional quality of these coffees, we process each lot separately as microlots and single variety 
Flores Island - Yellow Caturra
Availabile: 45 bags         
Flores Yellow Caturra is our Specialty Green premium grade. This is a washed coffee from the island of Flores in Indonesia. We asked trustful exporting company to collect from small holders on Flores to make an impressive, consistent Grade 1 coffee
Colombia Narino Micro-Lot Las Limbos
Availabile:34 bags       
This Colombia Narino small lot in the Narino Cooperative. . It was harvested by Las Limbos family at an altitude of 1,800 masl. It s entirely Caturra variety.......
Colombia Andes Tomento Lot
Availabile: 22 bags       
This is an Andes mountain microlot from the Tomento farm located in the Antioquia  municipality of Colombia's  department. It was harvested by Nicalos at 1.850 masl and is entirely Caturra variety. The harvest is fermented for 18 hours before drying under parabolic driers for 8 days...
Panama Santa Teresa Fully Washed
Availabile: 19 bags       
The Finca is located at 16500-1850m and the coffee planting is surrounded by nature forest. The coffee itself is is a  Catuai, Caturra, and Typica varieties and is grown at an elevation that ranges between 1,632 and 1,821 meters above sea level.....
Honduras Capucas Red Caturra
Availabile: 25 bags       
This is an SHG EP grade coffee from the Cooperative Cafe  Cabucas located in the Copan region of Honduras. Founded in 2000, this coop has since grown to include 700+ members and over 20+producer partners. ......
Guatemala Cinderella Micro Lot
Availabile: 36 bags       
Today, Finca Cinderella is operated by third generation farmers who continue to believe that business relationships with roasters and importers are based on consistent quality and passion for coffee. 
Costa Rica - Genesis Red Catuai 
Availabile: 28 bags
This family has a goal to improve the coffee quality. The Genesis  micro-mill processed a small quantity of  total coffee production this last harvest, its important for the producer to take good care of the coffee plants. They know the shade and to renovate with new plants is very important as well as sustainable practices in their farm. .....
Kenya - Maina Thika AA Top Estate 
Availabile: 38 bags
This is an AA top grade from Thika station in Kenya, very well balance berry note, lime, blackberry, green apple and cocoa so on, after picking greatest ripe cherry, pulping, the coffee is fermented overnight, produce complex cup of balance coffee.....
  • Cup quality more delicious and clean cup
  • Continuously with quality assurance and consistency

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