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Customers will not be charged for any trainings we provide here. Of course you are welcome to ask questions on any roaster machines. You will also welcome to try our roasters before making any purchasing order decision. Our highly skilled engineer is also available for helping your equipment needs.

BIC - Leading company in coffee roaster industry and coffee distribution in Taiwan and China
As a company which works through a business of creating small roaster for the cafe stores and help coffee industry company to increase the sales revenue by providing most competitive offer of roaster machinery and packing machines. Our business service is ranked in Taiwan top 10 coffee companies since established in 1977.

BIC - Coffee Roaster Distribution
We made an effort on the innovation of the LSD roaster, the design of the roaster with classical design and best raw materials to last for years. We have been working with many customers and distributors worldwide for having LSD products. We have exhibition show events every years in Asia regions and achieve a good image and clear channels all over the world. Customers from United States, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, China Shanghai, Malaysia and Singapore.

BIC - Specialty Green Coffee Supplying
We are the agents for many World Specialty Green Beans from every single-estate, such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona Coffee, and the specialty coffee. World famous coffee including Indonesian Kopi Luwak also the top-pick best rare coffee product in Specialty Gourmet industry.

Contact Information (Head Office)

TEL: + 886  911 423639  ,  + 886 2 8242 3639 , + 886 2 2927 3568
FAX: + 886 2 8242 3679 , + 886 2 2928 9609
ADD: 7F, No.2, Alley 315, Sec.2, Alley 315, Sec.2, Chung Shan Road, Taipei Hsien 235, Taiwan
(Roaster Product Division)

We are decided to increase the popularity of coffee roaster products and enable the products to go deep into every cafe stores. We dare to challenge and implement news ideas and bringing our most beautiful roaster product into the world is our goal.

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