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  Costa Rica Genesis Red Catuai Micro-Lot 

  • Avaiable bags Spec: 10kg, 30kg   
  • Cupping Score: 88+ clean cup
  • Prices: Call us or Email:  billiecoffee@gmail.com

Grade: Micro-Lot
Location: Warehouse
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Naranjo West Valley Area
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Fully Washed Process or Honey Process depending on cupping qualities
Altitude: 1650-1750 Meters+
Roast Suggestion: M3-M4 
Cupping Notes: Cherry, vanilla, brown sugar and chocolate.

Description: This farm Genesis is located in the West Valley of Costa Rica. The average altitude is 1,650m above sea level. This coffee grows in an environment surrounded by exotic trees, flowers and other great vegetation, providing a great condition for quality, as well as improving the chemistry using organic growing (but not being certified) of the naturally rich volcanic soil. Thanks to the farmers great ecosystem effort and sustainability.   

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