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Trade Show and Our Customer Feedback

Our Roaster Client Quotes

¡§Lysander Roaster was the perfect roaster to launch for the new Roastery shop in Hong Kong Our very high-end fine specialty coffee demand should match an elegant style roaster, and this roaster is always my Top pick., Great Job from Billie Industrial Corporation¡¨

- Mr. Jason, Business Development Manager, Hong Kong 

¡§We were very pleased with the training service we got from Lysander Roaster. We collected a huge amount of roasting information and we were very pleased to meet other students from coffee business sector as well as the restaurant owners¡¨

- Mr. Simon, Executive Director, HELENA COFFEE COMPANY.

¡§We attend Tea and Coffee Exhibition show in Taipei 2006 and got an opportunity to find this supplier making quality machines for coffee roasting business. We have a Italian made roaster, and we find this roaster is very competitive and we purchased a shop roaster from them, very reliable and easy to maintain machine¡¨

¡V Mr. Liu, Director of An-kiss Bakery and Cafe

¡§Billie Industrial Corporation provides a good presentation in the exhibition show event and attract me to roast my own coffee in my cafe store. It is an excellent way to keep our customer's to come back and freshness in our retail products.  We are a small-scale cafe store, and making much gross income after installing an roasting machine. We were able to introduce many new signature blend to our customers and keep the business.¡¨

¡V Mr. Michael, Hand Made "HONG" Coffee Company

"I met a lot of suppliers from other exhibition shows in America. It was very good to see Asian supplier making such good quality machine to catch customer's attention. I would highly recommend my partner to consider this machine for his next coffee shop. I am looking forward to attend the roasting class they provide for the clients!"

¡V Mr. John Xie, Managing Director, Blue Sea Trading

¡§Lysander Coffee Roaster Machine far exceeded our expectations, it is durable and great deal for the retail and wholesale user. It was a very successful machine and well built.¡¨

¡V Mr. Kevin Wong, Grand Sun Company Regional Manager (Asia)

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