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 Honduas Capucas - Micro-Lot Red Caturra 

  • Avaiable bags Spec: 10kg & 30kg  
  • Cupping Score: 86+ clean cup
  • Prices: Call us or Email:  billiecoffee@gmail.com

Grade: Micro-Lot
Location: Warehouse
Country: Honduras
Region: Capucas in Copan
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Fully Washed Process
Altitude: 1650 Meters+
Roast Suggestion: M3-M4 
Cupping Notes: Cocoa, Sweet, Clean & Caramel

Description: This is an SHG EP (Eurppean Standard) grade coffee from the Cooperative Cafe Capucas located in the Copan region of Honduras. This Coop Founded in 1999, this micro region grown coffee including hundreds of members and over 20 producing partners. Great coffee with great taste!

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