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Pro-Lab Sample Roaster 200g Available for Trial Order

This special roaster is also designed for the best result of lab workshop or sample roaster purpose. It can roast from light to dark. This roaster is ideal for workshop to roast small quantity for cupping. This Lab Roaster is equipped with the new design of roasting drum for efficient roasting. It can be roast as continuously functions for the efficient result. We are building this machine to last for years, the previous profile roasting obtaining best result of specialty gourmet coffee.

There are several roaster who is taking the green coffee beans seriously by following the specialty coffee standard protocols. This sample roaster is operating well and necessary for cupping the sample.

Specification shown in the following:
Production mins-max: 200~250g
Max Capacity per kgs: 250g
Weight kgs: 3.5kg.
Roasting Time: 15~20 mins.
Type of Roasting: Thermal Transfer Hot Air.
Type of Heat: Gas or Propane (Mini-Gas Burner)

These above Lab roaster has the following technical features:

  • A solid, roasting drum with specially designed mixing paddles provide uniform roasting and excellent results
  • A sampler spoon, easily monitor the roasting and excellent results
  • A cool roasting drum handle quickly cools the coffee which is vital for preserving aroma

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