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Truly Shop and Retail Coffee Roaster - limited Offer

The roaster is designed to fit the small retail environment in compact size cafe stores, it is very simple to maintain. The coffee training school also use this coffee roaster as lab testing use and training for roaster class. This LSD-2 roaster is equipped with digital temperature reading and user friendly gas control. The gas heated with an simple straight clean burner positioned under the cast iron roasting drum. Once the desired temperature has been reached (around 120 degree in Celcius), a batch of green coffee is filled into the drum.
The coffee is uniformly mixed within the rotating drum by a our special designed paddle system and roasted by approximately 80% Convective and 20% Conductive heat (Best Result either for double roasting or power roasting method). When the desired roasting degree has been reached, the roaster master opens the roaster door and the coffee is discharged onto the cooling tray. The damper lever can turn to left for faster cooling. The coffee is evenly spread and quickly cooled to preserve aroma.

Characteristic for this roasting system is its balance between convection and conduction: About 80 percent of coffee bean heating takes place via the hot air stream and 20 percent via the beans contact with the heated external roasting drum wall and baffles. For more information, please email us.
Specification shown in the following:
Production kgs/hr mins-max: 6~8kg
Max Capacity per kgs: 2.0
Dimension: 140cm x 90cm x 48cm.
Weight kgs: 128kg.
Roasting Time: 15~20 mins.
BTU: 20,600.
Type of Roasting: Thermal Transfer Hot Air.
Type of Heat: Gas or Propane


Capacity Standard /
Medium Roast [kg/h]

@Batch Size[kg]

Roasting Time













You can find a general description of the roasting process in our roasting seminar

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